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August 22, 2010

European Swimming Championships

British swimmers brought home 18 medals from the 2010 European Championships, their best-ever European result, despite travelling to Hungary underprepared and unrested.

Great britain's swimming team is focused on the Commonwealth Games in Delhi due to be held in October, where members of the team will compete for their respective home nations against the might of the Australian team among others.
Fran Halsall, Jo Jackson, Amy Smith And Jessica Sylvester (Silver)Women's 4X100M Freestyle Relay
Hannah Miley (Gold) Women's 400M Individual Medley
Liam Tancock (Bronze) Men's 100M Backstroke
Lizzie Simmonds (Gold) And Gemma Spofforth (Silver) Women's 200M Backstroke
Fran Halsall (Gold) Women's 100M Freestyle
Joe Roebuck (Bronze) Men's 200M Individual Medley
Hannah Miley (Bronze) Women's 200M Individual Medley
Gemma Spofforth (Gold) And Lizzie Simmonds (Silver) Women's 100M Backstroke
Liam Tancock (Silver) Men's 50M Backstroke
Rebecca Adlington, Jazmin Carlin, Jo Jackson & Hannah Miley (Bronze) Women's 4X200M Freestyle Relay
Fran Halsall (Silver) Women's 100M Butterfly
Fran Halsall (Bronze) Women's 50M Freestyle
Kate Haywood (Silver) Women's 50M Breaststroke
Ellen Gandy (Bronze) Women's 200M Butterfly
Rebecca Adlington (Gold) Women's 400M Freestyle
Fran Halsall, Kate Haywood, Amy Smith & Gemma Spofforth (Gold) Women's 4X100M Medley Relay


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